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Women's March 2019 Prep Night

The third annual Women's March is here -- Saturday, January 19th -- and we are hosting our first event of the year in its honor! Join us Wednesday, Jan. 16th for a night of sign making, photo taking, mingling and planning for the fall of the patriarchy...er, the march. (We wish it were that easy; we wouldn't have a need to do three!)



Wednesday, January 16th 6 - 8 pm

Hosted at The Rose Wine Bar in South Park

The night will include:

Sign making for the march - we will have some poster makings, but supplies are appreciated!

An opportunity to partake in our "Hear Us" collective photoshoot featuring protest signs, women portrait, you with your signs, friends and loves ones. The collection is to give a voice and a face to the women of the women's march and to show, once again, that women are demanding to be heard, refuse to back down, and will rise again and again for each other, the next generation and all those who can't march with us.

Be inspired and meet like-minded folks, badass ladies and local activists Plan your march!

Who's invited:

Everyone! (yes, men too!) Well, almost everyone... Please keep in mind The Rose is a bar, so you much be 21+ to join (SO sorry if you're not of age to join)


Email hello@ladiesaloud.co or send us a DM on Instagram telling us you're coming!